Why Choose Us?

One of the reasons why we decided to set up this page, because we at N&T Local Tree Services believe that not all the tree service companies in Edmonton offer you the same service. Therefore, without saying that we are the best, and without asking our customers what they think about our service, there are a few sentences that you should down below before you call any other tree service business in the area. Doing business with us is a smart thing to think of, and we love the Edmonton community as much as we love our wives.

So Why Choose Our Tree Service In Edmonton? Read And Learn Why!

  • We limit potential hazards in your property.
  • Our arborists are well trained, insured and bonded.
  • Free quote on site – We offer you free estimates in your location at the same day you called us.
  • Smart Management – Our staff of team is the “leader” of our business and can always find you quick solution to any tree related issue.
  • Latest Equipment in the industry, from hand saw to chainsaw and grinding machine.
  • Knowledge – Although we have no PhD in Botany, we have enough knowledge in all tree species and from Pine to Douglas Fir, we can handle anything.
  • Availability 24 hour a day wanyehre in Edmonton.
  • Our service is not just about tree service, but also about helping your landscaping.

Questions? Call Us Today!

From Parks, Golf Course, commercial and residential properties, you can count on our wide range of tree solutions, and even if it’s a complex project, we can do it all! When we will serve your needs, be sure that our team will take all the responsibility needed to complete our service with no high risks and no complications. You can call us today for any question about your tree needs in Edmonton and our team will be happy to assist you.