For Home Owners

Residential Tree Service In Edmonton AB. Local Tree Solutions For Your Home Needs.

Over the past 8 years many home owners across the Edmonton area put their trust in N&T Local Tree Services, for a great tree maintenance and a perfect developed tree plan for any species. Our reputation in the tree care industry gave us the ability serve more then 20,000 home owners throughout the city of Edmonton, and changing the look of your tree protecting your home is our speciality. From a small tree removal in NW Edmonton to a stump grinding in SW side, our mobile service can add more curb appeal, beauty and quality to your home environment.

Admiring The Nature

We admire the beauty and the strength of the nature and our love to any plant, or green environment, brought us the desire and the ambition to serve more and more home owners in Edmonton. However when we need to cut, repair or trim any tree in your residential property, there are several conditions. If one of our arborists has decided that your tree is posing a safety hazard to your home or building, at this point we can take action and removal at the same day. In other hand if your shrub, tree or any other plant is considered as diseased we will prevent any hazard to come and by removal it we will keep your trees, and other in your garden green and healthy.

Why Choose Us For Your Tree Needs In Edmonton?

  • Wide range of tree care solutions for all type of trees.
  • Premium value for your investment.
  • Tree assessment and free consultation.
  • Lowest rates in Edmonton.
  • We treat your property is fully respect.

What Tree Care Solutions We Offer For Residential Needs?

  • Pruning and trimming.
  • Stump Removal.
  • Emergency Tree Service.
  • Tree Removal.
  • Tree Fertilizing.
  • Lot Clearing.
  • Tree Repair.
  • Cabling And Bracing.
  • Tree Diagnostics.


Do you have a mess due to a wind storm? Do you want to remove or Trim your tree? At our service you can find anything you need for your home tree and shrub needs. If you prefer to “save” your tree, our arborists can give you quick and free assessment for any size and type of tree. Get in touch with us today and here more about our service in Edmonton AB.